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When you want to make sure no one in your community goes hungry, you donate to a food bank. When you want to make sure your community is healthy, LifeLong Medical Care is the place to give. If you believe health care is a right, not a privilege, please support LifeLong, where no one is turned away for lack of funds or insurance. We served close to 60,000 extremely vulnerable East Bay residents, including those living on the street.

Our providers deliver “whole person, whole life” care to our patients. And, LifeLong is shaping the next generation of primary, dental, and behavioral health care providers with valuable training opportunities.

Our patients and staff need your support. The funds LifeLong gets from government agencies to provide these services have not kept up with inflation. While we advocate to rectify this imbalance, private dollars are key to keeping the compassionate care we provide to our community accessible.

No one should be denied health care because of their income, housing or immigration status. With a few simple clicks, you can ensure that the health needs of an expectant mom, a LGBTQ+ teenager, an unhoused man, or a senior who lives far from their family will receive care. LifeLong serves all ages at all stages to ensure that we are all #LifeLongStrong! And this impactful gift can be made in honor of someone.  Your gift will return in benefits to the individuals and communities we serve.

Listen to what Stephanie C., a patient since 2008, has to say about the care she receives at LifeLong in the video clip below.

LifeLong Medical Care


  • provides high-quality health, dental, and social services to underserved people of all ages;
  • creates models of care for the elderly, people with disabilities and families; and
  • advocates for continuous improvements in the health of our communities.


$10 Monthly Donation $120/year

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$25 Monthly Donation $300/year