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There is a mental health crisis in this country and the need for mental health services has grown significantly over the last several years. At LifeLong we’re speaking to and answering that need with increased services by making sure that every patient who comes in for primary care is screened for such symptoms as anxiety and depression. Understanding that our patients often suffer from higher levels of trauma, anxiety and depression, LifeLong therapists provide culturally sensitive, and uniquely individualized care. And it works. 

Said one patient, “LifeLong counselors helped me to realize who I was, how valuable my life was, what I was really worth. I just started looking at the world differently. And once I got out of that web, there was nothing in the world that could stop me.” 

Please consider donating to support LifeLong’s dedicated, hard-working Behavioral Health team. With each gift you make it allows LifeLong to fulfill its promise of whole person care by meeting our patients' behavioral health needs.

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