About Us

Serving the Bay Area for more than 45 years

LifeLong has come a long way in 45 years. A lot has changed since 1976. But one thing has consistently stayed the same, meeting the needs of our patients in the community.


LifeLong Medical Care provides high-quality health, dental, and social services to underserved people of all ages; creates models of care for the elderly, people with disabilities and families; and advocates for continuous improvements in the health of our communities.

Core Values

  • We respect each person and celebrate the rich diversity of our communities.
  • We believe all people are entitled to quality health care that serves the whole person.
  • We are dedicated to recruiting, training, and supporting a diverse, compassionate, and skilled staff.
  • We are committed to eliminating health disparities.
  • We maximize our impact on the health of our community through local, state and national partnerships.
  • We continuously seek to hear our patients' voice as we assess, develop and improve our programs.


Future Home of Over 60 Health Center

Where We Started

LifeLong Medical Care’s story began more than 45 years ago with the unwavering belief that continues to guide the organization—that all people have the right to receive the healthcare and support they need. The year was 1976, in Berkeley, California, where the senior population faced a growing, unmet need for health services. Enter a small group of Gray Panthers, whose members created an innovative solution—a milestone in elder care—the Over 60 Health Center.

LifeLong Today

Our first health center located in a storefront on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley has evolved to become LifeLong Medical Care, a dynamic nonprofit community organization. LifeLong provides medical, dental, behavioral health and social services in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Each year, we deliver quality health and wellness services to 50,000+ patients each year, many with complex health conditions. We serve all, regardless of ability to pay, housing situation or immigration status. We do this through 14 primary health centers, several of which also offer urgent and dental care. We're out in the community with two mobile dental centers and five street medicine vans. We also providesupportive housing, medical respite, and school-based health services.

Spreading Our Mission

LifeLong Medical Care has earned widespread national recognition for creative approaches to community health challenges, including the needs of the low-income elderly, people with disabilities, and high-risk pregnant women. Other health centers look to LifeLong’s models as they develop their services for these patients. We continuously advocate for public policy improvements related to improved access to care, reduction of health disparities, and expanded home- and community- based care.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are Important to Us and Patients We Serve  

Embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) at LifeLong Medical Care means understanding, respecting, and valuing people's differences, working intentionally to close the gaps of inequities that historically exist in the healthcare system and the daily lived-experiences of our patients and staff, being culturally effective and responsive in our interactions with our patients and staff, and taking a people-centered approach that signals our commitment to belonging in everything we do.   

Our commitment to diversity empowers us to create effective care plans and systems that improve outcomes for individual patients. We invest in and nurture relationships with diverse groups of partners, advocates, suppliers, and community organizations that help us better serve our patients. These relationships extend our efforts to reduce health disparities and to address the unique needs of our communities. We are also committed to hiring staff and providers that reflect the diversity of our patient community.   

Our commitment to equity shows up in the quality of care we deliver and the range of services we provide. We are an open and affirming heath network who tends to the needs of all our patients across the continuum of care. We understand that each patient has distinct needs, and we strive to address each of these needs with expert, effective, and compassionate care. We are committed to seeing our patients and staff thrive.   

Our commitment to inclusion and belonging can be seen in our patient-centered approach. A majority of our patients identify as low-income Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). Many of our patients are also immigrants. We take pride in being known as a safe and welcoming place for patients identifying as LGBTQIA+. At our federally qualified health center, we do not turn anyone away. We offer services at no cost to our patients and offer a range of services to patients who are unhoused, people struggling with substance use, and people experiencing behavioral health challenges. We exist to offer our patients care that considers the whole person.   

At LifeLong Medical Care, we are proud that our ongoing and evolving commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging play essential roles in helping us accomplish our mission.