Be An Advocate

With our vision of empowered patients and our mission of providing high-quality health care to people of all ages, LifeLong Medical Care has been committed to advancing the rights of patients for over 40 years. We believe passionately that every patient is entitled to the opportunity to envision their best self as well as the tools to become the person they want to be. Our programs and services, carefully researched, evaluated, and grounded in the collective experience, have given thousands of patients such tools and opportunities.

LifeLong Medical Care also works tirelessly in collaboration with community organizations, to advocate for needs of community health centers and public awareness of community health centers at every level of government. From supporting and defending patients’ rights to advocating for the inclusion of protections for patients in legislation, LifeLong is consistently on the forefront of the public and policy debates that affect our patients’ lives.

What does a LifeLong Advocate do?

You choose! Our advocates help support LifeLong in many ways. We encourage you to help in any way you are most comfortable, as well as the allotted time you may have to help advocate. Some examples of how you can help:

  • Attend rallies and hearings to show public support for our needs.
  • Educate and encourage voter participation.
  • Attend press events to improve public awareness.
  • Phone, fax, and e-mail lawmakers to educate them about our issues.
  • Visit lawmakers locally and in Sacramento to explain our needs.
  • Speak to civic groups.