Ashby Health Center Closure Information

What To Know

To make sure we stay financially stable and strong for the future, we had to make the difficult decision to close our Ashby Health Center in February 2024. But rest assured, if you are a current Ashby patient you will continue to receive care at LifeLong.

Most patient care will be transferred to our LifeLong West Berkeley Health Center, located at 837 Addison Street in Berkeley. Many of the wonderful staff from the Ashby Health Center will be transferring there as well.

Please know that we will continue to offer our full array of services to you. LifeLong West Berkeley offers the same comprehensive medical and behavioral healthcare for children and adults as the Ashby Health Center. This includes perinatal services, HIV care, and gender-affirming care.

We are committed to our Ashby patients and want you to remain with us. If you would prefer to transfer to a location aside from West Berkeley, you have the option to select one of our other LifeLong health centers. Please see a list of locations below.

Additional LifeLong Medical Care Health Center Locations:

We are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for our patients, our hard-working staff, and our community at large. If you have questions, please feel free to call our Patient Services Assistant, Danae, at 510-549-5451. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Ashby Closure Q and A


Q. Will my primary care provider be moving to West Berkeley Health Center?

A. Yes, Nicole Atme-Bahrani, NP, Mariam Attawia, NP, and Julia Marino, MD will be moving to West Berkeley.

Q. Will my behavioral health provider be moving to West Berkeley?

A. You will still be able to see your behavioral health provider or therapist no matter which site you or they transfer to – both in-person and via telehealth. But yes, most behavioral health providers will be moving to West Berkeley, except for Michael Nicholas, NP, who will be moving to Over 60 Health Center.

Q. Will my prenatal provider be moving to West Berkeley?

A. Yes. Kim Cardoso, CNM, and Kate McGlashan, CNM (who already works at West Berkeley), will continue your care at West Berkeley.

Q. Can I continue to see my acupuncturist or podiatrist if I move to a different site?

A. Yes. You can continue to see your acupuncturist or podiatrist no matter which location you transfer to.

Q. I don’t currently have a primary care provider at Ashby. Who will be my primary provider at West Berkeley?

A. West Berkeley has many wonderful providers; you will be assigned to one in the upcoming months.

Q. Do I have to do anything special to transfer to a different location?

A: No. We will automatically transfer you without you having to do anything.

Q. Can I get my primary care at one location and behavioral health services at another?

A. Yes you can. You can continue seeing your behavioral health provider no matter which site within LifeLong you transfer your medical care to, and no matter which site they go to.

Q. Where do I schedule my appointments if Ashby is closing?

A. You can continue to schedule appointments at Ashby until your provider moves to their new site. We will be sending you a text and MyChart message with the date that your provider will be moving, and that will be the date we will transfer your care to the new location. If you call 510-981-4100 to schedule an appointment, our representatives will know where to schedule an appointment for you.

Q. If I don’t want to wait until February, can I transfer to West Berkeley now?

A. We want to make sure that you are transferred to your new location at the same time as your provider and care team. If you haven’t received it already, you will get a MyChart message and text with the move date and more information for when you can make the transition.