Coming Soon: Paycom

Dear LifeLong Employees,

As your Senior Leadership Team, we want you to know that we’ve heard your feedback, and we are using it make meaningful changes in our systems. Notably, we know that Human Resources (HR) support has fallen short of your expectations in the past. As a result, we are making significant investments in the management, staffing, processes, platforms, and communications for HR. Our first system improvement is to transition from ADP to Paycom to better manage timesheets, benefits and payroll.

The decision to implement this change, among others, comes from careful planning and evaluation of our current systems. We have identified areas for improvement and gaps, and we are moving swiftly to make necessary improvements. You’ll find that Paycom offers you more functionality in an easy-to-use platform. You’ll be able to own and manage your personal pay data. We want you to feel confident using it, so we will be providing numerous opportunities to receive training and ask questions, and a central place on our SharePoint for quick reference guides.

Next Steps

Please keep an eye out for an email from Paycom that includes your login information by June 22. You will need to complete a verification process within Paycom to ensure that all your information on file is correct. You will have opportunities to complete more training prior to our first pay period in Paycom which starts on July 8.

Human Resources, under the new leadership of our Chief People Officer, Ayeola Alexander, is leading the implementation of Paycom. There will be multiple options for you to attend Paycom training and the dates will be sent to your calendar with enough notice for you to block time for your chosen session.

The management team is very excited about the transition to Paycom and the improved efficiencies and accuracy it will offer our employees. Stay tuned for more information coming soon! In the meantime, please contact Ayeola Alexander at if you have any questions.

With gratitude,

The Senior Leadership Team

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