Congratulations to 2023 Graduating Class of FMRP

LifeLong’s first class of family medicine residents graduated in a warm and uplifting ceremony in late June. 

Sure, there were plenty of speeches but also touching moments as doctors from the classes below showered the grads with gifts and heartfelt thanks for being their “big sibs” as they make their way through their own residencies. 

Former LifeLong Chief Medical Officer Dr. Eric Henley traveled from his current home in North Carolina to bestow the honors. Dr. Henley, who was the architect of LifeLong’s Family Medicine Residency program (FMRP) back in 2017 and is the current Designated Institutional Officer, said he had always thought that graduate medical education belonged in a community health center. 

It was a rather rocky start for the six graduating doctors. When they interviewed over three years ago, their home base at the William Jenkins Health Center was still under construction. It was awkward enough for the young doctors-in-training to wear hard hats to tour the space. But then came COVID with classes on Zoom instead of in person. One doctor joked that that during the pandemic they were ordered to keep their distance from fellow residents but soon found ways around that. 

“We were there for each other through thick and thin and in good times and challenges,” said Chief Resident Dr. Justin Chin. “That being said, we were literally the worst communicators when it came to getting consensus – harder than wrangling a roomful of cats. But whenever there was an emergency, either personal or professional, we showed up for each other.” 

Congratulations and good luck to the 2023 Family Medicine Residency graduates! And welcome to the class of 2026! We look forward to getting to know you. 

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Tile picture of FMRP graduates from left to right: Sudarshan Bhat, MD; Angela Mendoza, MD; Basilia Gonzalez, MD; Justin Chin, DO; Barbara Nguyen-Espino, DO (not pictured, Olivia Park, MD)

Above pictures from left to right:

Left: FMRP Graduates and Staff

Middle: David B. Vliet, CEO

Right: Presenter, Dr. Serena Wu, Core Faculty; Dr. Eric Henley, Institutional Officer; Angela Mendoza, MD.