COVID-19 Agency-wide Air Assessment Testing

Dear LifeLong Staff:

As COVID-19 infection rates continue to rise, our top priority continues to be the health and safety of our patients and staff. To reduce the potential spread of COVID-19, LifeLong Medical Care is continuing to take steps to promote better ventilation, filtration, and air quality at all clinical and non-clinical sites.

We will be working with Marina Mechanical and MRI Air Balancing to conduct COVID-19 Air Assessments at all LifeLong locations over the next weeks. MRI Air Balancing Company will be onsite to conduct the air assessment testing. As a licensed, certified air balancing/ testing company, MRI Air Balancing Company is experienced in working in hospital, medical and office settings and is committed to keeping any noise or disruption to a minimum.  A LifeLong Facilities Tech will be onsite to help MRI as they conduct testing throughout each location.

After all assessments have been completed, LifeLong will be provided a report that will highlight if any HVAC upgrades or additional HEPA units are needed. Each site leader will be provided with what MRI determined is needed for their specific site.

The first assessment will take place on Monday, August 23, at Brookside San Pablo. Facilities will continue to update site leadership with dates for air assessments at all remaining sites.

If you have any questions or concerns about the COVID-19 Agency Wide Air Assessments, please reach out to your supervisor or contact Facilities Management.

Thank you,

D.L. Poole

D.L. Poole, PA, LNHA, MPA, MBA
Chief Operating Officer