Meet Our Team

Program Leadership

Eric Henley

Eric Henley MD, Designated Institutional Officer

Deborah Simon-Weisberg

Deborah Simon-Weisberg MD, Program Director

Jeana Radosevich

Jeana Radosevich MD, Associate Program Director

Thomas McBride

Thomas McBride MD, Core Faculty, Clinical Lead, and Musculoskeletal Curriculum Director

Daphne Miller

Daphne Miller MD, Integrative Medicine Curriculum Director

Serena Wu

Serena Wu MD, Behavioral Health Curriculum Director, and Student Learning Opportunities Lead

Rebecca McEntee

Rebecca McEntee MD, OB/Gyn Curriculum Director, Women’s Health

Rebecca Citron

Rebecca Citron MD, Core Faculty, Didactics Lead, Curriculum Co-Director for Community Medicine

Program Staff

Brisa Carranza

Brisa Carranza Clinic Manager

Brittany Cash-White

Brittany Cash-White Program Manager

Curriculum Directors

Michael Goldrich

Michael Goldrich MD, Geriatrics Curriculum Director

Kanwal Merchant

Kanwal Merchant MD, Pediatrics Outpatient Curriculum Director

Yui Nishiike

Yui Nishiike NP, Family Medicine Outpatient Curriculum Director

Clinical Preceptors

Nicole Bores

Nicole Bores MD, Clinical Preceptor

Kim Ceci

Kimberly Ceci MD, Clinical Preceptor

Kalamaoka'aina Niheu

Kalamaoka'aina Niheu MD, Clinical Preceptor

Magdalen Edmunds

Magdalen Edmunds MD, Clinical Preceptor

Jason Reinking

Jason Reinking MD, Clinical Preceptor

Angelina Shigeura

Angela Shigeura MD, Clinical Preceptor

Nathan Stern

Nathan Stern MD, Clinical Preceptor

Sara Woolf

Sara Woolf MD, Clinical Preceptor