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Family Medicine Residency


Welcome to the LifeLong Medical Care’s Family Medicine Residency. LifeLong is a well-established and highly regarded community health center in the San Francisco East Bay Area. Our program was accredited by the ACGME in April 2019 and was developed to fill a need to train highly skilled family medicine physicians to work in urban underserved outpatient medicine practices. 

We provide a community medicine based educational experience with a focus on teaching whole person care that partners with patients and respects their lived experiences. We use the "clinic first model" to shape our longitudinal curriculum. To that end, our family medicine residency clinic serves as a model of a high functioning and team based clinic.  

We attract residents who are motivated to become full scope family medicine physicians with an emphasis on outpatient primary care. We seek out residents who are committed to working with marginalized communities and bring diversity to our community. We are particularly interested in recruiting residents who identify as a person belonging to groups that have been systemically/systematically excluded and marginalized (SEM) in medicine. As a person who identifies as a white woman, it is a priority for me to make space for the advancement of SEM residents. 

We recognize and value diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism and are working hard as an organization to bring about change to end systemic racism. LifeLong values diversity in its leaders, members and staff, which serves as a catalyst for a stronger workforce, improved decision-making, and improved health outcomes for our patients.  

We distinguish ourselves by our innovative curriculum that takes the resident outside of the exam room and into the community. Our program is tailored to prepare residents for the real world demands of the modern outpatient family doctor. We are excited to be a new, cutting edge, robust, and mission driven program deeply connected to the community we serve.

Dr. Deborah Simon-Weisberg
Program Director

Program Overview

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Our Teaching Health Center

What Makes Our Residency Unique?

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Educate future leaders in family medicine who reflect the diversity of our community and possess the skills, knowledge and experience to engage in scholarship, partner with patients, families and communities, and promote wellness by addressing the root causes of suffering and disease.


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Striving to be a national model of a community-engaged family medicine residency program that trains and empowers physicians to deliver care with respect, compassion, and humility.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

LifeLong Medical Care is committed to providing hope and refuge to the communities we serve. We strive to be accessible, responsive, and engaged with our communities. Our commitment to fight discrimination and racism in all forms and to stand with our communities is strong.

We will continue to shine a light on the health inequities that have roots in historical and institutional discrimination and racism, while supporting the power of our patients and our staff to improve the health of our medically underserved communities.

LifeLong provides a safe, nurturing, and anti-racist environment for our staff, patients and community with culturally appropriate care. We empower ourselves to listen, work with and support our communities impacted by health disparities.

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Meet Our Residents

LifeLong Medical Care is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Words from Our Residents

I chose LifeLong Medical Care because it gives me an opportunity to live out my dream in serving and caring for urban underserved communities. Being from Oakland, CA, I plan to connect and establish lifelong relationships with my patients, address their needs, and make a difference in their overall health. LifeLong Medical Care's external partnership and robust training will help me in becoming a well rounded Family Physician.

Muhmod Ahmad
Resident Physician, Class of 2024

LifeLong was the first program I interviewed at that got me excited for residency; that made me feel like I was going to spend the next three years learning to truly enjoy my profession and grow with my peers, patients and community, rather than wishing I had never gone down this route because I’m so burned out and have no time or energy to take care of myself, let alone anyone else. From the short time I’ve been here, I’ve seen how much this program cares about the wellness of its patients and community, and equally so of its staff and residents. It’s the nurturing environment, compassion, and advocacy that I’ve witnessed at LifeLong that has made me so thankful to have matched into this program.

Weronika Nepali
Resident Physician, Class of 2024

What stands out at LifeLong Medical Care is how mission-driven and committed the organization, faculty, and staff are to providing quality, patient-centered primary care to underserved communities in the Bay Area. I couldn’t be more proud to be a resident completing my training at this program beside such passionate, caring, and dedicated individuals.

Hannah Dragomanovich
Resident Physician, Class of 2024

I started medical school knowing that I wanted to go into family medicine and that I wanted to work with under-resourced communities. I had researched programs online and at AAFP conferences. LifeLong Medical Care really stood out to me as a place where people could get truly comprehensive care. Since starting residency, I continue learning new ways in which this program is designed to help us develop fulfilling careers as family physicians. I love bread and butter primary care, taking care of patients from newborns to seniors, but I also have many special interests; LifeLong allows me the opportunity to pursue all of these passions while working with and learning from people who care deeply about our patients and community. I am thankful every day for having matched here. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better program if I tried.

Adrianne Khanolkar
Resident Physician, Class of 2024