Gender-Affirming Care

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At LifeLong Medical Care, we know that gender-affirming care is a crucial and lifesaving pillar of primary care. We are proud to provide gender-affirming care to our Bay Area communities. Many of our providers are members of the LGBTQIA+ community who understand the unique challenges faced by individuals seeking gender-affirming care. We work alongside our patients to meet their needs and achieve their goals related to whole-person transgender health. Above all, we provide accessible, equitable, safe, and trauma-informed care that attends to the needs of people of all gender identities, including folks who are nonbinary, two spirit, agender, gender fluid, and more. 

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Gender-Affirming Services

  • Gender-affirming hormone therapy, education, and management 
  • Whole-person primary care for people of all genders 
  • Gender-affirming mental health services, such as individual counseling and psychiatry, including mental health letters of support for gender-affirming surgeries 
  • Referrals to gender-affirming surgeries 
  • Referrals to transition supports and services, i.e. vocal training and electrolysis
  • Gender-sensitive pap smears, pelvic exams, prostate exams, and other reproductive and sexual health services
  • STI screening, prevention, and treatment
  • HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) therapy and HIV treatment  
  • DoxyPEP prescriptions for STI prevention
  • Chest and breast health services 
  • Gender-affirming pregnancy care 

How to Connect to Services

Call LifeLong at 510-981-4100 and ask a patient services representative about Gender Affirming Care.

If you are currently experiencing homelessness or are at-risk of homelessness, you may establish care at our Trust Health Center in Downtown Oakland by calling (510) 210-5050 and ask to meet with a provider for gender-affirming services.