National Health Center Week: Healthcare for All

As part of National Health Center Week, Monday August 7 focuses on Healthcare for people experiencing homelessness. LifeLong’s mission is to increase access to affordable quality care for everyone, including the unhoused population. LifeLong Trust Health Center and the LifeLong Street Medicine Team have been instrumental in this work and continue changing and saving lives on a daily basis in the unhoused community.  

If you can spare just 15 minutes to watch this documentary video, you will be introduced to Dr. Jason Reinking and LifeLong Medical Care’s Street Medicine Team, and get a sense of the work they do daily to serve the unhoused. Brett Feldman, Director of Keck Street Medicine at the University of Southern California, hosts this video series, produced by Invisible People and the California Health Care Foundation to augment street medicine research in California. Please visit for more information. 

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