Important Bargaining Update: LifeLong’s Last, Best, and Final Offer

Dear LifeLong Team,

We are providing this bargaining update as of Wednesday, August 2, 2023, to report on the current state of negotiations with UAPD. 

On August 1, after 17 months of being at the table, LifeLong advanced its Last, Best, and Final Offer, which you can find here

Below are some highlights:

TRANSPARENT WAGES & PAY INCREASES WAGES –  Option 1 (same as SEIU-UHW):  4% in year 1 (across-the-board) 3% in year 2 (across-the-board) 4% in year 3 (across-the-board)   Option 2:  Placement on a new, transparent wage grid with annual step increases with annual across-the-board raises.  Annual bonus of $2,080* for providers whose current wages exceed placement on the wage grid.   
MORE ADMINISTRATIVE TIME INCREASED FOLLOW UP TIME  – Increase in follow up time for medical and behavioral health providers. 
WORKLOAD  – Side letter establishing thorough systemic process improvements to continue to address workload issues over time.  At the individual provider level, this means creating a formal process to review and address workload issues and barriers, including reviewing templates, panel sizes, and support from other team members.  See detailed description in side letter (pages 19-24 of LifeLong’s  8/1/23 proposal to UAPD). 
MORE SAY IN ORGANIZATION’S DECISIONS   PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE COMMITTEE – New committee made up of UAPD representatives and management to focus on clinical and operational issues impacting providers and develop plans of actions. 
LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE  – New committee made up of UAPD representatives and management to continue discussion on issues of mutual concern. 
NEW ADDITIONAL BENEFITS   COMPENSATION FOR LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY  – Differential of $1,040* annually for bilingual providers. 
CME BENEFIT – Allowance for CME money to be carried over one fiscal year. 
SABBATICAL – Entitlement for long term providers after 20 years. 
COMPENSATION FOR PROVIDERS ON CALL FOR HOSPITAL PATIENTS  – Increase compensation per weekend night calls by 50%. 
VOLUNTARY PROVIDER INCENTIVE PROGRAM – Pilot program that makes providers eligible for an annual bonus when they exceed the established billable visit threshold. 
LEAVE COVERAGE – Process for coverage for providers’ InBasket items if they are on leave for more than 2 days. 
*Pro-rated based on FTE

LifeLong deeply appreciates the dedication and commitment that our providers and staff bring to our patients and the LifeLong community. 


David B. Vliet, MBA

Chief Executive Officer