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Weekly Highlights from the Senior Leadership Team

This Week’s “In The Loop”

1)   World Affairs – Where We Stand

LifeLong stands with the people of Ukraine in their fight against this needless and horrific assault on their sovereignty as a democratic country. As an organization dedicated to our community’s health and well-being, we are appalled at the loss of innocent lives and the blatant encroachment against the Ukraine.

We trust that the United States and our NATO allies will do everything in their power to support President Volodymyr Zelensky and bring an end to the Russian invasion.

  • The Bottom Line: LifeLong stands for peace, democracy, and the health and welfare of the people of the Ukraine and the surrounding regions.

2)    Budget Season hath Arrived

It is Budget Season! As you have probably heard, we will be using “Adaptive Insights” for our budget process this year.  We have completed our beta testing of the system and will be formally kicking off “Budgeting with Adaptive” this Thursday with our Center Directors (CDs).  In this meeting, we will walk everyone through the Adaptive process in preparation for budget meetings with each site.   We will then follow up with our other LMC programs and our admin support centers.  

More on this soon.   If you have any questions in the meantime about the budget or the budget process, please feel free to reach out to Brent Copen, CFO bcopen@lifelongmedical.org and/or Daphne Chan, Senior Analyst, Daphne Chan, MBA dchan@lifelongmedical.org.

  • The Bottom Line: We continue to seek ways to improve our financial data, fiscal infrastructure, and our financial acumen in order to strengthen our work and execute our mission here at LifeLong.

3)    Strategic Plan Planning

The Board has decided to extend the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan into the next couple of years due to COVID instead of launching into a new 3-5 year planning process.  The Board Planning Committee and the SLT have been working to update the plan in preparation for the March, 2022 Board meeting.  We look forward to sending out the updated plan in the coming month.

  • The Bottom Line: LifeLong has a dynamic strategic plan with related metrics that we rely on to assist in guiding and the future the organization

4)    Mask Mandate

There is a lot in the news about changing mask mandates. At this point, there have been no changes in directives to health care, thus, no changes are in the works at LifeLong at this time.  Yui’s Nishiike’s Monday morning updates will announce when and if there are any changes.

  • The Bottom Line: Look for further guidance in the near future from our clinical team regarding mask mandates.


Our hope is to greatly improve communication about what’s happening behind the scenes at LifeLong so we can keep you “In the Loop”!

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The Senior Leadership Team

Volume 1, Issue 6

Weekly (pretty much!) Highlights from the Senior Leadership Team