LifeLong Medical Care Advocates in Sacramento

LifeLong Medical Care was well represented at the CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates Day at California’s Capitol. It’s an annual event that allows physicians, clinicians, directors, patients, and health center advocates to speak with legislators and legislative staff about budget and legislative priorities impacting community health centers (CHCs). Day at the Capitol is a critical forum for CHC voices to unite and be heard. Participants attend legislative visits with their respective representatives to emphasize the importance of health centers in the current year’s budget and legislative session.

Home page photo from left to right: Torionna Nichols, Community Health Worker, Behavioral Health; David B. Vliet, CEO; Julie Sinai, Chief Strategy Officer; Lucinda Bazile, Deputy Director; Georgina Marin, Community Health Worker, Behavioral Health, Ashby Health Center; Kevin Williams, LifeLong Board Member.

Photo below: members of Alameda Health Consortium