National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Black communities have made great progress in reducing HIV. Yet, issues such as racism, discrimination, and mistrust in the health care system may affect whether Black people seek or receive HIV prevention services. These issues may also reduce the likelihood of engaging in HIV treatment and care. To continue to reduce the burden of HIV and other health risks, people need adequate housing and transportation, employment, access to culturally competent health services that are free of stigma and discrimination, and more.

Together, when we work to overcome structural barriers to HIV testing, prevention, and treatment, and stop HIV stigma, we help reduce HIV-related disparities and health inequities in Black communities.

LifeLong offers a range of inclusive and patient-centered services in sexual health, including HIV care, treatment, and prevention for all members of our community. LifeLong strives to provide HIV treatment and prevention services to our surrounding communities who are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS and related health disparities.

2023 Statistics:

85% of our Black/African American HIV ACCESS patients are retained in care.

76% percent of our Black/ African American HIV ACCESS patients are virally suppressed.

For PrEP services in Alameda County, call or text Jeovanie Sanchez: (510) 685-6197 or email For PrEP services in Contra Costa County, call or text Martin Mejia: (415) 265-9558 or email

For HIV care, ask for an ACCESS Case Manager at (510) 981-4100.

For free STI/HIV testing delivered to your home visit TAKEMEHOME.ORG