Patient Recognition Week

National Patient Recognition Week is celebrated the first week of February. Established in 1995, it was started by John O’Malley, a healthcare worker who wanted to highlight the importance of patients to the healthcare field.

At LifeLong Medical Care, patients are at the center of everything we do. At least 51 percent of our board must be LifeLong patients. LifeLong has also had a long-running group of patients known as the Patient Voice Collaborative, or PVC.

The PVC is a diverse group of patients, providers, and staff who meet monthly to discuss ways in which LifeLong can improve the efficiency, quality, and accessibility of care for all patients.

The group’s purpose is to see “how we’re doing. We ask the group how our services went and what we can do better,” says Lucinda Bazile, LifeLong’s Deputy Director. As a continued commitment to our patients, we ask PVC members to share insights and information about their experiences to ensure that we work towards a more patient-centered system of care.