Practice of Cultivating a Strong Back and Soft Front

This is one of the practices that Leora Myers, LifeLong’s Holistic Health Program Manager, offers to help with resilience and composure.

Bring awareness to your breath, noticing how air moves in and out. Allow breath to breathe you without changing. Just noticing. And bringing awareness to breath, we are allowing our mind to settle.

Allow yourself to fully inhabit your body, shifting awareness away from mind and thoughts and into your body.

And notice how you have a strong back and spine that enables you to move and be flexible while at the same time giving you the structure, the grounding and the helm for the rest of your body.

And this strong back represents our ability to have composure especially during difficult times. And represents our ability to have a calm mind and emotional stability. To be rooted in the core of who we are. Taking a moment resting in that awareness, the strength, the composure, the stability that your strong back provides in your life.

Let’s bring awareness to our soft front, our soft front that houses our heart, our lungs, all our vital organs.

Notice how our strong back enables us to maintain soft front with an acceptance of things as they are. Out soft front enables us to remain open to life as it is without resisting or closing our heart.

So many times we walk through the world with a soft back with very little stability in difficult times and a closed heart.

This practice is really helping us to cultivate the grounding of a strong back, stable in difficult times and maintain that open, compassionate heart and that soft front.

Notice how as you’re breathing in and out, your chest rises and falls over your heart area.

Allowing yourself to freely experience the sense of your heart and what it means to maintain an open heart and soft front.

Take a moment allowing yourself to fully embody the sense of noticing your strong back creating space for an open and soft front.

This is a practice to meet life with a strong back and a soft front.

Read more about staff wellness in the January LifeLine.

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