Safety & Security Reminder

Precaution is Prevention!

Have you ever wondered what time of year theft rates are the highest? Wonder no longer. The time of year when the most theft occurs is around Christmastime. Why?

  • With the sun is setting at or before 5 pm, it’s darker earlier.
  • There’s guaranteed profit around Christmastime. Some folks carry more cash for shopping, and packages are shipped to offices and homes by the armful. Wallets, purses, shopping bags, and unopened boxes all make potentially profitable targets.

By taking a few simple precautions, you can reduce the risks to yourself and your co-workers.

  • Never leave your purse or wallet in plain view or commonly accessible areas.
  • If you leave your office, take your wallet or purse with you, or lock it in a drawer or a desk. Wallets and purses left on your desk (or even “hidden” underneath it) are at risk of being stolen if in clear view.
  • Don’t leave cash or valuables at the office.
  • If it is dark when leaving your site, it’s a good idea to find another staff person to walk out with you. It’s never a good idea for one person to stay at their site alone at the end of the day. Encourage the last person there to leave with you!
  • If you are at the site alone or after business hours, keep the office door locked.
  • Report all suspicious persons and activities to the office manager, building security, and/or police.

I hope these are helpful tips to help get through the Holiday Season.

Thank you,

Craig Samuel
Maintenance/Safety Operational Manager