Senior Independence Program

Group of senior friends smiling on camera after yoga lesson at city park

Senior Independence Program

To help support you as you age, LifeLong offers a range of older adult services. We take care of your health needs whether you are healthy and fit or are living with more challenging health issues. Seniors who have been visiting our family or adult medicine clinics have the choice to continue seeing their same doctor, or to switch to one of our specialized geriatric practices.

Dorothy Graham Fund

Dorothy Graham’s relationship with LifeLong Medical Care began in the 1980’s, when her mother Olga Graham was a patient at the Over 60 Health Center. Olga Graham established the Graham Elderly Fund in memory of her late husband Victor in 1987. The Fund provides ongoing support for senior services that are not covered by other medical sources. Dorothy has continued supporting the Fund in honor of her mother. “My mother believed strongly in the idea that seniors should stay as independent as possible,” Dorothy says. As Dorothy’s passion to help other’s continues to grow at LifeLong, she has added an additional Graham Dental Fund, which provides necessary services to adults of all ages who have recently lost Medi-Cal coverage but are in need of dental assistance.

Senior Independence

Ms. Graham has been a tireless advocate for mental health services as well. During her years at UC Berkeley, she brought together peers to establish a model, psychiatric halfway house. She also was the founder and first administrator for the state-licensed community mental health agency, Berkeley Place. Ms.Graham’s commitment to projects like these – and many others that most people did not have the vision or tenacity to accomplish – earned Ms. Graham the honor of Woman of the Year for Health Care for Alameda County in 2001. Ms. Graham has been a tireless advocate for social justice issues that affect all of us and for access to health for all. LifeLong Medical Care, Alameda County, and indeed the entire State of California are better, more humane places to live today because of Ms. Graham’s grace and passionate commitment to community health care. We are proud to continue the strong relationship and partnership with Dorothy for many years to come.


Senior Life Enrichment

The Senior Network and Activity Program (SNAP) is a partnership with Contra Costa Mental Health. SNAP provides seniors living in public housing in West Contra Costa County with social and recreational activities, including outings and weekly classes such as art, music, tai chi, exercise, mindfulness and more.

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