The Future Of The DEIB Committee

LifeLong Staff,

The Revisioning/Reimagining/Re-energizing The Diversity (RTD) Committee held the third of four meetings in-person in January. Formed to envision the future for an ongoing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging (DEIB) Committee, the effort launched October 2022 and by the end of February the group will have met 4 times, with each session facilitated by Diane Johnson, PhD, Founder and CEO of Mmapeu Consulting, Lifelong Medical Care’s DEI consultant. 

The face-to-face meetings have been important to create the blueprint, realistic timelines, and processes that will lead to establishing an ongoing a DEIB committee in 2023. The committee will make a set of recommendations that will suggest concrete plans to further DEIB work for significant cultural impact within LifeLong. The goal of the ongoing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Committee will be to serve as the organizational liaison, advisory council, feedback loop, and thought partner to Lifelong leadership that continues the evolution of this important work.  

This initial group, the RTD, is made up of 20 members from various departments and roles across LifeLong. After the final meeting in February, there will be a nominations and selection process for LifeLong’s permanent, standing committee.  The members of the new DEIB Committee will have 12 to18-month terms and offer guidance, thought leadership, and accountability for organizational and departmental DEIB work.  

Another exciting part of the ongoing DEIB efforts is the recruiting and hiring of a Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. This position will champion and support the mission, vision, and goals outlined by the RTD committee, working in tandem with Lifelong leadership and the newly formed DEIB Committee. The Director of DEIB will ensure diverse perspectives and opinions are incorporated, current and future priorities are identified, and organizational assessments will be conducted. This leads to collaboratively creating protocols and procedures, recommendations for specific activities, creation of success metrics, and crafting a DEIB workplan that is shared across and includes engagement of the entire organization.

We look forward to what is being created as LifeLong continues its diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging journey.

The RTD Committee