The “Woman Who Carries Ideas” Has a Message for You! 

LifeLong is excited to launch a new partnership with Diane Johnson, PhD, Founder and CEO of Mmapeu Consulting. Dr. Johnson is going to lead LifeLong in a reimagining of our diversity, equity, and inclusion work, to which we have added “belonging” (DEIB).  

Mmapeu means “woman who carries ideas” in the Xhosa language. She was given that name when she worked in South Africa in the 1990’s.  

Please click on the link below to watch this 7-min. video message to LifeLong staff from Dr. Johnson. 

Dr. Johnson is an internationally recognized expert in organizational culture design with 30 years of experience in the private, public, and social sectors. Fifteen to seventeen LifeLong employees will get the chance to work with her and her team in 4 meetings from October 25 through January 10, 2023. The purpose of these meetings is to reimagine, re-vision, and refine what DEIB means at LifeLong, and to provide concrete recommendations for how to embed DEIB into our organizational practices. 

The first (and only) in-person meeting for the Committee is scheduled on Tuesday 10/25/22 (90 min). The remaining 3 (75 min each) will be via Zoom.  

You can self-nominate to be a candidate for the committee. Please complete this Nominee Form.

You can also nominate a peer or colleague. Please complete the Nominator Form


 Please take a moment to review the Reimagining The DEIB Committee FAQ for more details prior to submitting your nomination.  

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