Verify Your Flu Shot by October 23

Flu season is just around the corner. All staff members (employees, interns, volunteers, contractors, and temporary employees, etc.) must provide proof of flu vaccination or submit a completed flu declination form by October 23th.  Masks for the flu declination will be required in all patient-facing areas throughout flu season (11/1/2023 through 03/31/2024). 

 Human Resources will provide each site manager with a list of employees, not vaccinated by 11/6/2023, working in a patient facing areas, that are required to wear a mask. 

 This year, as in past years, we are asking staff to get their flu shot in the community, either with their primary care physician or at another location of their choosing. 

 Please provide Human Resources with a copy of your shot record verifying that you have received the shot with the information shown below. If you choose to decline the flu shot, complete the declination form, and return to Human Resources. 

 Each Location should designate an individual to collect and submit all completed forms to HR via the ticketing system. Employees who work remotely can submit their individual tickets. Tickets can be submitted here making sure to select the immunizations subcategory.  HR should receive all vaccination or declination documentation by October 23rd

 As we prepare for the flu season, we need your cooperation to ensure that we do our best to care for ourselves, so that we can care for our patients, each other, and our communities. 

  Proof of vaccination should include: 

                1.  Your Name 

                2.  Vaccine/Product Name 

                3.  Administered Date 

                4.  Vaccine Received at (Kaiser, Sutter, CVS, Safeway) etc. 

  Please submit a ticket to Human Resources if you have any questions. 

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