Get Health Insurance

Couple at a computer reviewing paperwork

If you or your family members don’t have health insurance, we are here to help.

Contact our Enrollment & Eligibility Services Department by calling (510) 981-3250 to schedule an appointment with an Enrollment Specialist. You can also email us

We can help you enroll in programs such as Medi-Cal, Covered CA and Cal-Fresh. You do not have to be a member of LifeLong Medical Care to get help with insurance enrollment.

Your Enrollment Appointment

In order to determine your eligibility for free or low-cost services, you will be asked to bring the following items (for all members of your household) with you to your enrollment appointment:

  • A photo ID (maybe an official State or Federal issued ID, a school or work ID, or a voter ID from your country of origin; it must have a photo)
  • A pay stub or other proof of income (if you are unemployed, bring a statement or stub demonstrating the benefits you are receiving, such as unemployment insurance, VA benefits, or–if none of these apply–a signed letter indicating the nature of support you are receiving from a family member or friend)
  • Proof of address (a bill or other official document showing your primary mailing address)
  • Medical insurance documents (if you currently have medical insurance)

Using county software programs, our team will ask you a number of questions to determine whether you or your family members are eligible for any of the assistance programs available in your county (HealthPAC, Contra Costa CARES, Medi-Cal, Family PACT and Healthy Families). The County or State program officials will notify you directly if you are approved for these programs. If you do not qualify for any of these programs, LifeLong Medical Care also offers affordable pricing on a sliding scale basis.